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Photoshop CS6 Vector Snap to Pixel Grid

If you are a UI designer, you may have noticed that in previous versions of Adobe Photoshop; vector points could be placed anywhere, making it difficult to get a snug “pixel perfect” edge to your UI elements.

In Photoshop CS6 adobe has enabled the “Snap Vector Tools and Transforms to Pixel Grid” by default. Meaning that you can’t fix those awkwardly placed vector points if you are working with an older or a provided project.

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Great New Zealand based Open Source tools

As I talk with my networks in the web and social world, I notice that most movers and shakers show an interest in improving their IT systems or confess to a technophobia!

In light of the NZOSA (New Zealand Open Source Awards) announcements last week I thought it would be a great time to spread the seed of NZ based Open Source ideas for your offices, projects & teams:

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What is New Media

New Media is a term which best describes the platform which encompasses modern technologies and consumer activity trends – largely made available by the internet. Key aspects of new media include interactivity & participation, democratization, audience compatibility & consumer networks.

It is one of the many powerful products of the technology age and its potential, while recognizable, is not widely embraced, utilized or even understood in all areas of its application.

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New Media Web Expertise Coming Soon…

This is the beginning of jacksondarlow.com, a blog for of activity and ideas in the world of New Zealand Web Development…

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